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Lynne Jacobson

Nurse Practitioner

Available in Colorado

Lynne Jacobson is a dual-certified family and psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in treating the whole person.  In her role as a Family Nurse Practitioner she worked 1:1 with clients in the community health arena by providing house call visits.  She treated a vast amount of clientele who were managing their chronic illness which included congestive heart failure, diabetes and chronic pain.  For many, chronic illness took its toll on their mental health and they were dealing with an underlying, undiagnosed depression.  Lynne found that without addressing the mental health side of their care, it only exacerbated other chronic health issues they may had been experiencing.   She saw a significant unmet mental health need out in the community.  She decided to return to school to enhance her education in treating those with psychiatric mental health issues.  She found when the mental health needs were addressed, improved care ensued in clients addressing their chronic physical issues.  She now sees clients providing services to both their mental and physical health needs.

Having lived in Colorado since the late 80s you’ll likely find Lynne with her two golden retrievers on one of the many Colorado trails either hiking or snowshoeing.  She’s an avid nature lover and has recently spent more time learning about the various species of the beautiful birds she’ll find amongst her adventures.  She also has a continued desire to learn the guitar and hopes to play her first song in front of a campfire this summer.

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