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Ashley Ross

Nurse Practitioner

Available in Arizona & Colorado

Ashley is a Family Nurse Practitioner who loves building relationships with her patients and devoting herself to their overall health and wellbeing. Ashley knew she wanted to be a nurse from a very young age and went straight into nursing school out of highschool. She completed her undergraduate degree in Washington at Gonzaga University and then returned home to Arizona to be with her family. She was a nurse for 9 years before taking on her newest role as a nurse practitioner after completing her master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. Ashley worked primarily in oncology as a nurse, treating chronic pain as a result of tumors, surgery, chemotherapy side effects, and intense radiation treatment for her patients overcoming cancer. She always puts her patients first, allowing them to be a part of every aspect of their care from beginning to end. She is tenacious and compassionate about treating her patients’ pain and improving their quality of life. Ashley also works with substance use disorder patients which has helped to better understand how patients treated for chronic pain have been mistreated or neglected after the opiate epidemic. Ashley has been working remotely from her office at work but looks forward to the convenience of telemedicine provided to patients at home.

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